First BCC Intern Reunion

On July 9-10, 2016, Dr. Laura Esserman and Dr. Jeff Belkora hosted the first ever intern reunion in conjunction with the conference 'Sparking Innovation in Healthcare Value'.

Sparking Innovation in Healthcare Value was a two day conference held at UCSF Mission Bay in Genentech Hall. The event's mission was to teach, energize, and motivate future healthcare leaders to build innovative solutions for improving healthcare value. The weekend included a series of inspirational speakers from a variety of backgrounds and industries as well as a group-oriented 'hack-a-thon' aimed at identifying solutions.

The agenda for the weekend can be located here: Sparking Innovation in Healthcare Value Agenda

Video recordings of the entire weekend can be found at the links below:

Saturday, July 9th: 9am - 12pm

Saturday, July 9th: 1pm - 5pm

Sunday, July 10th: 9am - 12pm

Sunday, July 10th: 12:45pm - 3pm

In keeping with the tradition of the BCC, there was an intern hike and two intern reunion dinners! The entire weekend was equal measures of inspiring, engaging, nostalgia, and fun!