UCSF BCC Internship Coordinator, Natalie Cox, Leaves to Complete Dissertation

After nearly 6 years at the BCC, Natalie Cox left the Internship Program Coordinator position to pursue a teaching fellowship and to finish her PhD at the California Institute of Integral Studies. For the past 4 years Natalie balanced her time at the BCC with her coursework in anthropology, but now that she is “ABD” (All But Dissertation) she decided to dedicate 100% of her time to research, writing, and her true passion: teaching college students. Prior to coming to the BCC she served as PI on a community health needs assessment project surveying local African immigrant populations, and her interest in medical anthropology is what first brought her to the BCC in 2009 after receiving her Master’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology from San Francisco State University. Her time at the BCC provided a fascinating glimpse into the inner workings of breast cancer research and clinical trials, and she is grateful for having this experience. Currently her doctoral research explores the ways in which asylum seekers from Africa navigate the complex dynamics of the U.S. immigration system and grapple with legal, cultural, and racial identity formation processes involved in resettlement and recovery from trauma.