Below are multiple testimonials from former interns in the UCSF BCC Internship Program:


“My fellowship experience at the UCSF Breast Care Center has been absolutely amazing. I get to work closely with surgeons, oncologists, and patients, which has opened my eyes to the intricacies of the medical profession. Working in a University environment has given me the opportunity to sit in on lectures, watch surgeries, and gain a medical education – and I get paid to do so!”- Princeton Project 55 Fellow

Intern, Dominic Amara, giving his end of the year presentation to his mentors, peers, and other UCSF staff


“The experience provided a window into different medical specialties, training in shared decision making, and reassurance that medicine is the right field for me.” – Harvard Center for Public Interest Careers Fellow


“As a premed student currently applying to medical schools during my Fellowship year, I have found UCSF to be a wonderfully educational and inspiring environment for those graduates interested in medicine”- Princeton Project 55 Fellow

Intern, Etienne Gallant, taking notes for a patient consulting with UCSF Breast Surgeon, Dr. Jasmine Wong

“In addition to this group of interns, there are so many other people at the hospital at different stages of their medical career. Whether they are surgeons, pathologists, patient schedulers, or medical assistants, they have all been so wonderful in mentoring me.” – Princeton Project 55 Fellow


“I worked one day a week as a Decision Services Associate helping newly diagnosed breast cancer patients make a list of questions for their doctors prior to their appointment. … This very rewarding component of my position helped me understand disease from the patient’s perspective. Additionally, I had the privilege of helping these patients at a very frightening and overwhelming time in their lives.” – Harvard Center for Public Interest Careers Fellow


Below are in-depth testimonials from former interns:

Nilan Schnure - 2012-2013 BCC Intern

Ramie Fathy - 2016-2017 BCC Intern